Sunday, March 18, 2012

Don't mind me...

Just making a little post since I've been gone for a while. Mainly- it was spring break this week (woo yeah spring break party on bro!). And I stayed home for it. And I ain't even mad. Because it was in the 70's and 80's outside and it still is! (and traveling wasn't really in my budget...) The weather is ridiculously awesome, we've broken the record highs for the last few days. It's seriously like summer outside, so I have been trying to enjoy the outdoors as much as I can. And I'm excited because it's supposed to storm tomorrow. :)

Okay, well I gotta go do some last minute homework!
- Emily

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  1. its been storming here for days, and i would give anything for it to stop! har har.
    love your blog, definately following!
    check out mine, follow back if you like it?