Sunday, April 29, 2012

21 Goals Update

So it's almost 6 months to my 22nd birthday (holy crap, where has the time gone?!) and oh yeah, I have two weeks of school left until summer. TWO WEEKS. WHAT?! Well, I decided to take a glance back at my list of 21 goals to complete before I turn 22. I figured I'd post an update of where I'm at and make a few little changes (I can do that, right?)

1. Driver's License - I'm taking my test May 16th, although I sort of forgot to get my temps renewed so I can't practice now. :S ahh cwap. I'll try and go to the DMV and get it renewed this week so I can at least try driving Devin's truck and practice parallel parking and backing up.

2. Learn to Sew - My mom knows how to use my sewing machine and I asked her to teach me. So it'll happen. Soonish.

3. Lose 20 lbs - So I was stuck in a horrible plateau for a couple of months. I'm still not sure what was causing it - maybe I wasn't eating enough or was "indulging" too much. I ended up buying a scale - needless to say, I wasn't where I was hoping I was. However, since I bought the scale, I've lost about 7lbs! So my weight is around 129 lbs, which is just awesome, cause I'm finally out of the 130s and have officially lost all the weight I gained in college! I'm so happy! I'm bringing the scale with me to camp so I can keep on track and hopefully get closer to my goal weight!

4.Get a tattoo - This is happening this summer, so expect a post on that in the future!

5.Get great at styling my hair - This is a work in progress. When I have time I've managed to do some really cute hairstyles, but I think I need to get my hair layered so I can achieve the look I want. I chopped my bangs last week (I sort of suck at it, oh well) but I will never try to cut all of my hair.

6. Cook authentic Mexican food - We made enchiladas verdes, but we used a jarred verdes sauce, so I don't think that counts. I want to make my own verdes sauce from scratch. Maybe I should just pick up a bunch of tomatillos and do it. We'll see!

7. Read at least 2 books a month ten new books - I had to change this one. My schedule is still crazy, so I don't have the most time to read as I'd like. So I decided I want to read 10 completely new books as I have a tendency to like to re-read some. (I've read Battle Royale around four times! I love that book...) So far I've read almost five new books. It helps that I finally paid my library fee from 2008... haha

8. Procrastinate less - DONE. I've been really on top of things lately and I've been so much more productive with school work. Now I just have to continue doing this, which I think I'll be able to do!

9. Create more - This is a work in progress. As soon as finals are done, I'm going to delve into all the DIY's I've been wanting to try. So this'll happen soon too.

10. Develop a healthy routine - I've come a long way with this so far. I've finally gotten into the routine of eating breakfast everyday (peanut butter toast with banana is my favorite) and I try to go to bed around the same time every night. I'm going to really get into a better routine at camp, and hopefully keep that routine going into the school year.

11. Re-organize my wardrobe - this is happening closer to our move into our new house, more on that later!

12. Blog a few times a week - It's getting there! I'm slowing starting to blog more, now that I'm starting to have more time. During camp it'll be difficult without internet, but I'll try to get to town to queue up a few posts every week.

13. Discover a new hobby - Barefoot running! I've never been a runner and once the weather started getting warmer, I started a Couch to 5K program. I'm about halfway through, and to haven't really gone running a few weeks, but that was mainly because I was so busy with Mid Program Review and busy busy busy weeks at work. So I'm starting where I left off, maybe even this week if I'm not too busy preparing for finals!

14. Enjoy the outdoors - this'll happen more at camp, though I've just been enjoying my walks to class and work. I love passing lilac bushes and just taking in their wonderful smell. Favorite part of spring :)

15. Become a Boy Scout - will happen more at camp, though I suppose I could work on my knot tying now haha

16. Start doing yoga - yeah this hasn't happened yet. I have a yoga mat, I just haven't gone to any classes or done any videos or anything...

17. Discover new design inspiration - Most of this has come from my History of Design class. I've learned a lot and it's been such a great class. (it helps that my professor looks like a young Liam Neeson mixed with Doctor Who's Matt Smith, ;) ) I've also been following a ton of design blogs as well as checking out sites like dribbble. I'm hoping to subscribe to some design magazines to keep me inspired (this was a recommendation from Mid Program Review and I think it's a great idea)

18. Learn how to make awesome drinks - put on hold because alcohol is expensive! hahaha

19. Carry a sketchbook with me at all times - I've been so bad at this! I buy these cute little moleskine sketchbooks and then I forget them at home. I'll try harder this summer/fall.

20. Learn to swim better - I'm going to ask my friend Jordyn to help me with this at camp. She's on swim team at my high school and also works aquatics at camp!

21. Live everyday to the fullest - I've been trying to! :)

Alright, I have a paper to write and laundry to do, so hope everyone has a great day!

- Emily

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Photoshoot: We Can Do It!

I had one of my best friends, Brittany, model for me again. This time it was 1940s working girl themed. I think they turned out really cute, and I love how bright and vibrant the colors look. :)

We took some other photos in a laundromat and Perkins, haha. I'm saving those for my final in my Fashion and Glamor photo class. We're all making our own little portfolio book, so mine is going to be a fun, retro style book. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Things I Love Tuesday

It feels so great now that our busiest week at work is over with. Also- we only have about two and a half weeks of classes left! ahh! I know I have two small papers and one large museum paper to write, a project on predicting the future of the stock market (what? this'll be interesting) and a final animation to finish (I'm actually really excited about this. Maybe I'll post a sneak peek later this week?) Anyway, I thought I'd share a few things I've been really digging this week. (I'm just so cool, with my 90's slang and all.)

New music!
I was bumming around on YouTube the other day and I decided to keep clicking on all those "similar" videos on the side bar and I stumbled upon a couple of really great songs (and some I really didn't care for at all)

And I thought this video was pretty funny. The faces these girls make are hysterical.

Mint Jeans!
So I bought a pair of coral skinny jeans from Forever 21, and I just love them. I wanted to get a pair in mint green, but now they took them off the website! I mean, c'mon! Why take your best selling product off your site completely! And they don't have any other colored jeans either. I'm also too cheap to spend more than $25 on a pair.

Now I'm really excited because I found a simple DIY on Pretty Providence on how to make your own mint green skinny jeans. Girls, you just got an instant follow from me. Hahaha!

Blood Oranges
I love blood oranges! I'm not much of an orange eater, but I could eat blood oranges everyday! I love the deep red color inside, the less acidic taste and the fact that they're full of antioxidants, vitamin C, 28% of your day's fiber! (I guess that goes for all oranges too, hahaha whatevs.) The site I got this picture from has a recipe for an awesome looking Blood Orange Yogurt Cake. I think I might have to make that sometime! Pretty dresses made out of coffee filters, old photographs and books! 
Like I mentioned earlier, this weekend was Fashion Without Fabric. I was up in the tech booth working the show, so I got to see all the outfits. These were my favorites! (Some of them were really weird and some of the themes were over done. There were about five different gambling ones and about five other ones about drugs and alcohol.)

Vintage advertisements!
Yesterday we looked at vintage Life magazines in History of Design and we have to write a paper about one of them. It was great. I'm writing about a Kellogg's Corn Flakes ad from 1943. I'm actually pretty excited. This whole section on Populuxe is just the best, even if my professor things the huge fins on the cars and all the pastel colored refrigerators are tacky.
As you can see, the food ads are my favorite!

 Hot Dr. Pepper? Um? What? This one reminds me of this video:

Alright, I'm going to get ready for the day! Farewell!
 - Emily

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Super busy week

Yeah, so I have been able to post much cause I have been so busy this last week and a half. I had mid program review last week, which is where you bring in all of your artwork and design projects, along with your resume and professors come critique all of it. It was a little nerve wracking, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. Then this week, it was the re-opening of the Student Center (where I work) on campus, so I've been logging a lot of extra hours on top of my two weekly night shifts. It's all good though, the events are pretty fun. Tonight is Fashion Without Fabric, a fashion show put on by all (but one) of the 3D Design classes in the Art and Design department. I would have actually done it last year, but I was in the one section of the class that didn't do it. Oh well, it's more fun to work it anyway!

Plus, look how cool I look with one of our vintage headsets on (I drew the short straw and got an old one instead of a new one.)

Alright, I'mma get back to work. See you all later! :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Foodie Friday: Butterbeer Cupcakes

This last weekend we celebrated my little brother's eleventh birthday. Everything was Harry Potter themed and I even made him a pretty legit Hogwarts letter. Anyway, instead of cake, my mom decided to make cupcakes. I had found a recipe for Butterbeer Cupcakes, and we decided to go with that. I'm not going to post the actual recipe, since it's not mine. If you want to make these delicious and rich cupcakes, check out Amy Bites, the blog with original recipe. Here's how ours turned out (look wise). Taste wise, they were awesome!

Butterbeer Cupcakes - recipe from Amy Bites

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Photoshoot: Wonderfully Retro

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you're all enjoying chocolate bunnies and what not today. :)
I just got back from shooting some photos of my beautiful sister. I wanted something sort of retro-y, so I styled her hair in victory rolls. I'm not the kind of person that is good at styling hair, at all. So I'm pretty impressed with myself for getting the rolls to look semi-cute on the first try. I'm so going to play around with them in my hair and see what I can do. BTW, I totally want to steal both of those dresses from my sister, haha.

- Emily