Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some recent shots

So, I'm working towards a photo minor, and I love taking photos of people. I love it. I have Fashion and Glamour Photogrpahy this semester, and I've been learning so much from it. I thought I'd share a few of my recent photos with everyone. These were my first times using the studio with a model, and I'm pretty proud that I was able to set it up all on my own today! I hope someday I can have my own photo studio.


Well, I hope everyone's having a good day! It snowed a ton last night, so walking to class today was not fun (they really should have cancelled classes, the road conditions were really dangerous). But, all in all, today has turned out to be pretty great so far! :)

- Emily


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Summer Dreamin' on Such a Winter's Day

I almost put California Dreamin', since that's the real lyrics and all, except I live in Wisconsin. And I've never been to California.
It snowed last night. It was 43° during the day yesterday. I went for a run in my Vibram FiveFingers and felt so great. I went to work for the night and when I was walking home at 10:30 pm, it was snowing like a mofo. That's Wisconsin for you. I know I should just be used to it, but I'm so sick of winter. I miss summer.
It doesn't help that I got my camp contract in the mail (aka I got hired back for camp). I've started running outside (using c25k app) and I really love it. I can't wait to get better at running and to be able to run at camp every morning. I want to have bonfires on the beach. I want to go kayaking across Bear Lake. I want to go hiking in the woods. I want to smell like natural lemongrass bug spray. I want to wear flouncy summer dresses on the weekends. Oh and farmers markets! And, I want to take my Chacos out of my closet for the year. I miss my Chacos.

Here are some neat photos keeping me inspired for summer.


and while searching for these, I came across this and it's just too ridiculous not to share:


 photo sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Well, hopefully the rest of the winter will go by really fast. But probably not. Oh well, I'd better get used to it. Only 3 1/2 more months til summer! :)

Hope everyone's day is lovely


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yay new layout!

I finally finished messing around with the layout. Much more girly and quirky. That deer is from my design for my screen printing project. Only it'll actually be a Bon Iver T-shirt if my group decides to make it. Well, I've got some stuff to get done before I head off to work. Hope everyone's weeks are lovely!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Playing around with the layout

Just so ya all know. Cause it might look ugly in between changes and stuff.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Little Things That Made My Week

This week has been very busy with classes, homework and lots of working. But amidst all the busy-ness, there were a few little things that made this week pretty great.

1. The Dog Car
Okay, so my boyfriend drives to class and everyday, he sees this magenta air-brushed car with a pug on the side. It's become sort of an urban legend amongst us and few of our friends, so when he told me that it was still parked when we were done with class, I was ecstatic to see it.

Oh it was glorious. Don't get me wrong, I love my dogs. But I don't think I want anything airbrushed on my car someday. But seeing this "legendary" car, made my day.

2. Zumba and baked falafel with the girls! :) It was so much fun!



3. Finding these jeans at Savers, looking brand new, for $30 (originally they're $98 - $108!)


4. New camera lenses! I got a Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens and I can't wait to try it out tonight at the concert! :)

5. Star Wars in 3D. I've never been to a 3D movie before, so I was worried I might get motion sickness from it. But it was really cool - and I was finally able to understand what was going on in the movie, unlike at home when everyone's talking or my dogs are barking.


Well, I am off to see my favorite local band perform for the last time :(
But I shall take pictures and you can all expect a post about it later this week!
I hope everyone's weekends are great!

- Emily

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Dumbest Thing I Almost Did

Alright, so it's obvious that I want to lose some weight (as seen in my 21 before 22 goals) and get fit. I have some other friends who feel the same way, and one of them has been very successful in this so far. She definitely helps me get motivated to eat better and work out more. Anyway, we were all talking at work (which I think I mentioned early) about losing weight, blah de blah, etc. My friend brought up how she wanted to do this three day homemade juice diet found here. I've always been pretty skeptical about these whole "detox" things, and they've always seemed pretty sketchy and dangerous to me (my boyfriend did the Master Cleanse for a week one summer at camp. He called me and he sounded like he was on his death bed. NEVER DO THE MASTER CLEANSE. NEVER.). But, I read through it and figured, "Heh, it doesn't sound so bad."

We decided yesterday would be a good day to go and get the supplies needed for it, and all day I felt apprehensive about it. I read article after article about the dangers of detoxes, juicing, success stories for this specific one, basically any information I could find. I was still feeling sort of uneasy about it until we went shopping. My friend got me all pumped up for it, and I was actually kind of excited. They had cheap juicers at Walmart and my friend decided right away to get one. I wasn't so sure, so we decided to get the rest of our stuff and I'd text Devin to see if we could use one. When he responded that we probably would use it again, I figured I'd for sure get it. Well, it was gone. There were two of them twenty minutes before, and now they were out of stock. HOW MANY PEOPLE SERIOUSLY BUY JUICERS ON A WEDNESDAY NIGHT IN A SMALL NORTHWESTERN WISCONSIN TOWN? Seriously?! Well, I was a little bummed, but I figured I'd just blend everything as smoothies.

The fixin's for the first "juice." Beets, yellow pepper, green apples, celery, broccoli, cucumber, carrots and lemon.
I decided to make this morning's smoothie last night so it would be ready to go in the morning. Well, I chopped. And chopped. And blended. And blended. And it was thick, and chunky and oh God the texture was horrible! There were little fibers in there from the broccoli and celery and they get stuck in the back of your throat. Not cool. I figured I'd suck it up in the morning.

Well, when I went to bed, this stupid smoothie haunted me all night. I had nightmares about this dumb thing. I'm not even joking. It was horrible. I woke up feeling sick to my stomach knowing that I was supposed to drink this, and not eat any solid food for three days. I got out of bed and took it out of the fridge, took a sip and nearly vomited. It was awful. It tasted like grassy peppers, with a slight hint of apple juice. And the little veggie fibers got stuck in my throat again. If you've ever had a fish scale stuck in your throat (simply awful experience, BTW), that is exactly how it felt. I drained it down the sink, feeling like crying cause I made this commitment to my friend and bought all this produce and stuff. Devin kind of reassured me that if I was feeling so awful about, that I shouldn't do it.

 So I had a multi grain waffle, some Chobani Greek yogurt, an apple and some tea for breakfast instead. And I feel great about it. The good news is I have lots of yummy produce to eat and cook with. So I don't feel too guilty. Plus my friend was very sympathetic this morning when I told her. We both agreed that the juicer is definitely necessary for this, and who knows? If the juicing thing makes it awesome, maybe I'll try it again. Maybe. But good lord, I am not putting in celery.
I hate celery.


Alright, caps lock out, ha ha.
I hope everyone has a lovely day. :)

- Emily