Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Recap: Zombie Crawl!

So this weekend was the Menomonie Zombie Crawl, which was basically where you dress up like zombies and run around town and get great deals all night. And it's super fun to do zombie makeup. I ended up going with all my girl friends since poor Devin was sick all weekend :(. But it turned into a super fun zombie girl's night! Our group had some pretty clever zombie themes - I was Zombie Deschanel(Zombified Zooey haha), my roomies were zombie runners, my one friend was a zombie hippie and the other was a zombie Courtney Love.
The night was full of half off food, tasty drink specials and dancing! It was a very successful Zombie Crawl! Next year's will be even better!

Free dirt cake!

 xo, Emily

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