Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend Recap: Sharp Shooter!

So along with the Zombie Crawl, me, Devin and our roommate Mike went out to the shooting range Saturday afternoon. I have hardly ever shot before in my life- minus a pellet gun and the time I tried shot gun at camp last summer. So needless to say, the range was a little overwhelming. For one, I looked completely out of place. I was wearing coral pink skinny jeans, a purple coat and a cute blue knit hat. Everyone else was wearing camo.

We started with pistol first. I definitely felt like a badass, even though my aim wasn't the greatest.

We were aiming for the little sharpied dots.
After shooting pistol for a while, we snagged a rifle bench and did some of that.
The scope wasn't set, so I was way off, but my bullets were all close together, which is apparently a good thing! :) And lastly, we shot an M4. This was terrifying. Well, sort of. This gun is heavy! (I'm also a total wimp though)

All in all, it was a pretty fun expirence, but I think the only shooting I'm going to stick to is with my camera. xo, Emily

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