Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This kid is such a dork. And I love him.
Yesterday we had a mini cutesy couple photo shoot at the little block park by our house. It was nice to finally get some recent photos of us.
Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut. I'm so excited. I'm thinking of doing a Zooey Deschanel thing. (She's my fave!)
This weekend is the Menomonie Zombie Crawl and I'm so excited to dress up as a zombie for a day and hang out with my friends. The rest of my weekend is full of work, so Saturday will be a nice break. Work has been a bit ridiculous lately. I've been working a ton- most of my paychecks had at least 50 hours on them (I'm part time since I'm also a full time student) and while the money's great, I just could use a little bit of a break sometimes.

Well, I'm off to GD2. Maybe I'll post what I've been working on later.

- Em

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