Thursday, May 3, 2012

Last Thing Thursdays

The Life of the Wife

This week I'm linking up, for the first time, with Jenna from The Life of the Wife. I always thought this looked fun, so here are some of my "last things" this week!

Last thing I bought: A pair of prescription sunglasses from

I don't wear contacts. Ever. I've never worn them in fact. I guess I just have one of those faces that looks better with glasses. I realized that going eleven years without sunglasses was probably a bad idea, so I decided to order a pair of prescription ones. I was going to get some from but when I added the frames I wanted to my cart, they were sold out! Bummer! But then I found this site where I got these lovely frames with brown gradient lenses for at total of $16 with shipping! I can't wait to get them and rock them all summer long!

Last thing I ate: Belgian waffle with strawberries and whipped cream.
Healthy I know. I ate breakfast with some people from work this morning in the Student Center. Breakfast options at school are limited when you are a non-egg eater. I normally eat at home since the food at school is expensive when you live off campus.

I wish mine looked this good. Photo from:

Ooo look at that. In the middle of me writing this, the storm alarms are going off. Luckily, it's only for a thunderstorm, I'm already inside my apartment and I don't have class until 1:25, which by then it will hopefully be over. Otherwise I'll be donning my rain jacket and hiking to class. Eh. It's nothing camp hasn't already prepared me for. I took Weather Safety Training twice. Haha.

Last thing I worked on: My final animation. I'm almost done with it, which is good since we are watching what we have finished tomorrow and then it's due Thursday by 4 pm. I'll get it done in time. Here's a peek at the style/landscape.

Last thing I listened to: Marina and the Diamonds - "Homewrecker"

So there you go. A few of my lasts and a storm warning. I'm going to go watch the radar and do some more homework. Only a few more days of classes left, then a week of finals and I am done with my junior year of college on the 14th! So exciting!

Have a great day everyone!
- Emily


  1. You made that animation!? Awesome job girl! I'm worried about you now with the storm alarms though!! Eek!! Be safe!

    1. The storm was way milder than it was supposed to be! And thanks! I'll post the full animation when I'm done, but I thought it'd be fun to show a sneak peak still. :)

  2. ahhhh i want waffles with strawberries!!!

  3. I need a pair of glasses so badly! Mine are literally glued together because I wear contacts everyday and it is difficult for me to actually buy a new pair. But I love those frames. So good!

  4. Loving your blog!

    I feel like we have so much in common - glasses, dog lovers, food lovers! :)

    Oh and both a fan of Marina. In fact, I did my own little post on her the other day.

    The belgian waffle looks delish, I'm going to have to try that :)