Saturday, February 11, 2012

Little Things That Made My Week

This week has been very busy with classes, homework and lots of working. But amidst all the busy-ness, there were a few little things that made this week pretty great.

1. The Dog Car
Okay, so my boyfriend drives to class and everyday, he sees this magenta air-brushed car with a pug on the side. It's become sort of an urban legend amongst us and few of our friends, so when he told me that it was still parked when we were done with class, I was ecstatic to see it.

Oh it was glorious. Don't get me wrong, I love my dogs. But I don't think I want anything airbrushed on my car someday. But seeing this "legendary" car, made my day.

2. Zumba and baked falafel with the girls! :) It was so much fun!



3. Finding these jeans at Savers, looking brand new, for $30 (originally they're $98 - $108!)


4. New camera lenses! I got a Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens and I can't wait to try it out tonight at the concert! :)

5. Star Wars in 3D. I've never been to a 3D movie before, so I was worried I might get motion sickness from it. But it was really cool - and I was finally able to understand what was going on in the movie, unlike at home when everyone's talking or my dogs are barking.


Well, I am off to see my favorite local band perform for the last time :(
But I shall take pictures and you can all expect a post about it later this week!
I hope everyone's weekends are great!

- Emily


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  2. That car is so hideous it's adorable!