Thursday, January 5, 2012

What I wore - sort of / Or - Always charge your camera batteries

So, last night I was going on a date with the boy. I got all dressed up really cute and decided I wanted to take a photo of my outfit. So I set up my tripod and get the shot ready, grab my remote and stand in front of the camera. I point the remote at the camera and press the shutter button and..... nothing happens. I'm thinking to myself, "WTF the camera's on." I go to check it and the battery is just low enough that you can do everything else with the camera except open the actual shutter and take a picture. Oops. Fail on  my part.
So here's the polyvore version of my outfit. It's mostly accurate, except that's not the exact sweater, skirt, shoes or tights. The necklace and dress are the same. But you get the idea.

Untitled #4

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