Saturday, January 21, 2012

How I Spent My Saturday

I was real productive today guys. Seriously. The most productive person ever.

Not really. I'm not gonna lie, I was in my pajamas until around 5pm messing around on Polyvore and watching Devin play Battlefield 3. And then I decided I actually needed to wear a bra and made some rainbow cupcakes. And now I'm watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. Still in the pajama pants. Probably will be until I decide to work out.
I think I've been reading too many Seventeen magazines. Also, I've been spending a lot of time pining away for warmer weather, as seen in the outfits I've created. Man, classes need to start soon.
3 Days, 3 Ways - Summer Dates 
3 Days, 3 Ways - Summer Dates by mindsindisturbia featuring cream jewelry

So way back when, my roommates, aka Devin and Leah and I all decided we were going to make rainbow cupcakes with chocolate frosting. I was at work one night when they texted me that they were going to make the cupcakes and that I could have one when I got back. I got back and the box was open, and a bowl was out on the table but the cupcakes were nowhere near being made. I ask, "What happened to the cupcakes?" The response: "Yeah, we didn't feel like making them anymore."
Eventually, someone opened the frosting and started eating it, so tonight when I was making the cuppycakes, I was able to frost three of them with the actual chocolate frosting. So the rest have hazelnut chocolate spread on it. Not Nutella, but this stuff that tastes exactly the same, with 20 fewer calories called Nutkao. Super delicious, but I will limit myself to one each day. Or two at the absolute most. 

On a completely semi-random note - as I was uploading the photo of the cupcakes, I found this pretty one of the Red Cedar River right after it had snowed. And since it's still snowy and cold here, it's totally relevant.

Alright, tomorrow I will actually be productive, considering classes start on Monday! Plus I have work on Monday too! I will finally be busy and my life will have meaning again (just kidding, my live already has meaning, I've just been bored). I shall leave you all with this. :)

- Emily

(Couldn't find the actual video, alas.)

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