Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Most Stressful Semester = DONE!

So I meant this post for last week, but I got so swept up with all the Christmas hubbub that I didn't finish writing it on time. So here it is! :)

I am so so glad this semester is finally over. I think having so many tough studio classes, plus super early work shifts, living two miles from campus and my first time living with my boyfriend all caused me to be mega stressed and exhausted all the time. Now that all my projects are done, I feel so relieved.
Wanna see some of what I was working on this semester?

Chip board armor for Design Concepts and Problems (those are all little folded fortune tellers, or "Cootie Catchers")

This was my super stressful group project for the same class. Board game - Trapped in Time

My final piece for Design Concepts and Problems. It holds twelve bananas.
Logos for Graphic Design 1.
Poster for Graphic Design 1.

I had a few other projects in between all of these, but they weren't really anything special, so I'm not going to post them. I'm so glad that Design Concepts and Problems is done. I am not very good with three dimensional work. Hence the whole multimedia thing.
Alright, I seriously should go to bed now. Haha. Good night!

- Emily

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  1. Agreed. This semester was difficult. Living closer next year will be a big relief. Can't wait! :)